About us

General Companies leads the world in the classification of companies by country and by economic activity.

All economic activities are classified using the International Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities (ISIC), Revision 4, prepared by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN). It is the systematic classification of all economic activities in order to establish their harmonised coding worldwide. 

GC covers all countries around the world regardless of their size or degree of economic growth and classifies the companies located there.

Thanks to GC, any company in any country can be found and located by its economic activity. It allows you to search by activity and by country so you can locate new customers or suppliers worldwide.

Any listed company can be located and contacted. If you are looking for a company that operates in a specific economic activity, you just have to search for it in GC. We cover all countries.

Our values

At GC we are committed to a set of basic values, which not only define who we are, but also guide us on our way to become the company we want to be. Our aspiration is to always live by these values.


We abide by the highest ethical standards and always respect our commitments. We take personal responsibility for our actions. 


We strive to continually improve to deliver the highest quality from the first moment to achieve the levels of excellence that customers expect from us.


We listen to the opinions of our clients, we value their contributions in order to advance towards our common business objectives. 

Equality and respect 

We treat all companies, regardless of their nationality or activity, with the same respect and attention, integrity and sincerity, trying to maintain the highest quality in all our actions.

Our vision

We open up new horizons to companies around the world.

We are putting in place a network to steadily advance with new customers and suppliers, and creating new connections to continue growing.

At GC we focus all our experience and professionalism on creating a new global communication.

Trusted by the leading brands

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